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Feel the luxury of soft, beautiful alpaca fibre!

All our alpaca textile products are made with at least 80% alpaca fibre and 20% other fibres to give them extra durability.

Alpaca is hypo-allergenic, fire resistant, and moisture wicking. It will not retain body odours. A high quality alpaca garment is soft and will remain that way for its lifespan. Long-lasting durability is alpaca apparel’s greatest attribute.

Alpaca has body memory and a sweater you bought 20 years ago will still look and feel soft as the day you bought it if you take care of it properly.

Take care of your Alpaca Apparel Always wash in cool water in the sink with a high quality fabric wash and lay flat to dry. Fold your garment, don’t hang. Enjoy the softness of a true alpaca fibre garment.

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